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The two Warner siblings and the director aimlessly roamed the entire set as they looked for their younger brother.  They passed within crew members peppering the grassy hillside. This episode was a special occasion for the Wanrers.  It would be the first time they had ever stepped outside the country. But neither Wakko nor Dot’s excitement combined could even rival that of Yakko’s. Not only was he playing the lead role, he had very few prewritten lines. Which would give him more than enough room to ad lib. But improvisation would have to wait.

“Yakko! Where are you little bro?!” Yakko called out.

“You’ve seen him?” Dot asked two other crew members. Both of them shook their heads.

“Yo Ed, you’ve seen Yakko?” Mike asked Ed. The head cameraman lazily sat in a chair, His head was buried in a subscription of High Times.

“Nah” he replied bluntly.

“Wait, I see him!” Dot pointed to where she spotted him. They found Wakko sitting on the ground. He was looking up at a tall black box, a large window on each side. Muffled audio could faintly be heard from inside.

“Here among the dramatic Aramean Mountains in the Hinkle River Valley, lies the tiny kingdom of Anvilania. The world’s largest producer and exporter of one thing anvils…”

“What are you doing Wakko?” Yakko asked.

“Just exploring the movie set, what is this?” Wakko pointed at the box.

“That’s a sound booth, sometimes they use these in case actors need to do extra voice over work.”

“Wonder who’s inside?” said Dot. Yakko picked up something of the ground.

“Well, according to this clipboard, it’s Frank Welker.” Yakko answered. The trio stood on their toes in an attempt to see in inside. What they saw horrified them. Wakko gripped both hands on the side of the door and ripped it open. Off in a distance they could see Mike hurrying towards them.

“Wait doesn’t open that..!” The unhinged door flew just above his own head.  Inside the booth, the voice actor jumped in his seat.

“What the?!” Mr. Plotz yelled out. He nearly bonked his bald noggin on a microphone.

“You’re not Frank Welker!” Yakko yelled out.

“What did you do to him you monster?! Did you eat him?”  Dot cried out.
Wakko climbed onto Plotz and stretched the CEO’s mouth wide open. “Hello, Hello!” his voice echoed. Plotz flung him to the ground.

“Get off me!” Plotz growled. “I didn’t eat him you nitwit! I’m filling in for him! He’s out sick!”

“You do voice acting?” Dot wondered
“Of course, how do you think I got into show business?” Plotz saw Yakko raise his hand. “On second thought, don’t answer that”

“Who is Frank Welker?” Wakko picked up the clipboard Yakko dropped. Plotz gave him an incredulous stare.

“Who is he?! The best actor to walk the earth!”

“Wait-he can’t be any better than McNeille!” Dot protested.

“Yeah, even though Harnell is much better.” Wakko jumped in. Dot shot a side glare at him.

“Please, he’s better and far more experienced than those two combined!” Plotz scoffed.

“Hey!” The two of them didn’t take that well.

“Hey hey, Sibs!” Yakko reassured them. “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion…”

“And he definitely trumps that hack, Robert Paulsen!” Plotz added. The Warner’s smile broke away.

“…except when their opinion is clearly a bunch of donkey…”

“Plotz, are you alright?!” Mike voice uninterrupted. Yakko quietly slid the handle of his mallet back into his hammer space. “I’m sorry I should have told them you’d be here…”

“Little late for that aren’t we?” Plotz scowled at him. He got down from his chair.

“Hey where you going T. P.?” Wakko asked.

“Leaving, I only wanted to be here for one hour. I still got a vacation to finish up”

“Sure you do…” Yakko and Wakko said in unison. Their eyebrows rose in sync.

“It’s okay, we know you couldn’t stand to be away from us.” Dot added sweetly.
Plotz nearly sputtered to say another insult when Mike jumped in front of him. “Thanks again for volunteering, I know filling in for Welker is really huge favor…”

Plotz cut him off before he could butter him up some more “Don’t thank me, just promise everything will be done by the end of the week.”

“Trust me everything will be smooth, as silk” Yakko rolled his eyes at Mike’s response.

Plotz sweetly patted the director’s cheeks. “Oh I know so, cause if anything bad happened here, Id make sure you never worked in a studio again.” The CEO walked off on that cheerful note.

“Uh... okay”

“Bye T.P!” the trio chirped.

“Don’t go overboard on the spray on tan!” Yakko cheered. The CEO looked back and grumbled as he stormed off.
This is a sneak peek for a an old story Iv'e been working on. An Animaniacs fan-fiction called Lights, Camera, Cut!. The full story should be ready by the end of next week, if not this week.

If you'd like to check out the original story, the link is…
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